Hello my name is Leticia Duran, for over 15 years, I have learned a wide range of different techniques that I use along with my innate ability and gift to feel a person’s energy. I do not consider myself a psychic by any means. I cannot tell a person about their past and I cannot see their future, I am however, very intuitive and I can feel and sense a person’s energy. I use this gift to help me understand what a person is feeling and it helps me to empathize with them and their situation. I have a strong desire to help others, as I believe that this is my gift to the world.

I studied Hypnotherapy and graduated in 2006. I opted Hypnotherapy rather then studying conventional therapy practices because I believed that I could help a person at a much faster rate then years and years of drudging up the past, then focusing on what went wrong. I am all about achieving positive results and helping people move on to live in a peaceful and harmonious state of mind, and to live their life filled with love for themselves and love for others and to be successful and abundant in all aspects of their life. 

I have helped many of my own family members, close and personal friends, and even gone into a companies and help managers and their employees manage their careers and personal life’s combined. I work most effectively on a one-on-one basis; however, I have worked and have been very successful in a group settings as well.