I have been friends and co-workers with Leticia for at least 8 years. In these 8 years she has used her intuition, self-experiences to assist me and others. My personal experiences with Leticia I have been able to be open and honest and received the same in return. She has provided her honest opinion and shown her ability to be open minded and non-bias of our conversations. She has provided her best guidance to me and has given me a different out look to any situation I brought to her. In this world there are only a handful of people that have a talent to utilize their natural ability to reach people and have them open up. Leticia has definitely tapped into her gift and has helped me.
-Gloria Chavez


I have known Leticia and worked with her for many years. I could always rely on her for her counseling whenever I was having issues with either family situations, work related issues, or relationship problems. She has a way of helping me see the bigger picture and putting things into perspective. She has also helped me stay on my own path in life. Guiding me through the thick and thin ensuring that I don’t fall off course.  Encouraging me to continue on with positive feedback. 

Thanks to Leticia by my side, I know who I really am, and I am proud to be me.
-Ceci Reyes


Sometimes what is right in front of you is just too close to see. Sometimes what you've been asking for, even praying for, appears unanswered simply because you don't have the vision to see what's always been. I've had an amazing experience with Leticia. Her guidance has helped me see where I've overlooked my God given gifts and have taken them for granted as just "something I've always done". I am aware now and forever grateful!


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